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Partnerships Playbook Services

College and university senior leaders and community, industry, and entrepreneurial engagement professionals can benefit from a wide array of Partnerships Playbook services. We help to achieve economic, community, and societal impact objectives with planning and implementation of effective collaborations:

Developing Partnerships

// Strategy: identifying strategic partners; assessing areas of need and opportunity; defining the institution’s “partnership enterprise,” across talent, innovation, and place

// Planning: engaging the right leaders; strategic and action planning; impact planning

// Connections: brokering and inviting partnerships; building trust; negotiating and formalizing agreements

// Implementation: aligning needs and assets; project development and adaptation; agile and lean implementation approaches

Sustaining Partnerships

// Resources: grant development; strategic resource allocation; non-fiscal resource development

// Metrics: goals and target outcomes; key performance indicators; quantitative and qualitative research and measurement

// Scaling: benchmarking; effective practices evaluation; adoption and adaptation strategies

// Communication: strategic messaging and advocacy; white papers and other thought leadership; workshops, conferences, webinars

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My friends at @eXtension4U are looking for a leader for partnerships and development. This is a great organization, and the job is a virtual be-anywhere position. Is this your next career move? Check it out--

Great line-up of guests for the #PartnershipsPlaybook webinar series this fall! Register to join these experts to talk about developing and sustaining university-community and -industry partnerships! First webinar, on partnership strategy, is on 9/25.

Next spring @UEDAorg and I will introduce "web workshops," long-form webinars that you can use for a local event--invite your team or even a large group! Join me on August 29 for a free webinar--an intro to web workshops and how to host an event.

Thank you, @ktaustralia and @resimpacademy for inviting me to participate in the #researchimpactsummit! Friends, you won't want to miss this free online event on October 21 and 22--great lineup of speakers on #researchimpact. Register at

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